British Pantomime continues in Maplewood under new production company Suburban Legend

Maplewood, NJ: Chrissy and Ridley McIntyre have formed a new production company called Suburban Legend Arts to assume the role of the vacating Deadgood Events. Following Deadgood’s two sell-out ‘A Very British Pantomime’ shows held at Maplewood’s Burgdorff Performing Arts Center, the new production team led by Chrissy and Ridley will take over and continue the tradition of British ‘Panto’ in the town. “We are very sad to lose our friends Liz and Gareth Jones of Deadgood but we felt the show must go on,” said Chrissy McIntyre one of the show producers. Kathleen Ash-Milby, the children’s director said, “I can’t imagine Maplewood without a panto now.”
The first production “Arrrr! A Very British Pantomime” introduced the town to the British holiday tradition of “panto.” It is a family show that is a cross between a fairy tale and a broad vaudevillian stage show. There are some classic pantomime tropes including the ‘principal boy’ which is always played by a woman, the ‘Dame’ which is always a man is garish drag and the plot usually ends with a ‘happily ever after’. In between all of that there is singing and joking, talking back and forth with the audience and a raucous good time had by everyone, young and old. Arrrr! raised over $3,000 for local charities.
The sell out show led to “Wotcha Gotcha” A Very British Pantomime the following year. This show, held over two weekends helped to raise over $6,000 that was given to local charities including Rent Party, The Jersey Animal Coalition and the Heifer Fund.
Now in it’s third year, Chrissy and Ridley have assumed the role of writers and will bring the story of Robin Hood, like you’ve never seen before! Once again, all the money raised will be given to local charities. The actors, directors, producers and all the behind the scenes helpers all graciously donate their time to create a very special theatrical experience to the families of our towns. You won’t want to miss this new show. It will be performed during the weekends of January 3rd and January 10th, 2015 at the Burgdorff Performing Arts Center in Maplewood.