British ‘Panto’ Theater Returns to the Burgdorff

Great write-up about our show in the Village Green.

British pantomime theater returns to Maplewood’s Burgdorff Center for the third year this January with “Robin Hood: A Very British Pantomime” directed by Ridley McIntyre.
Following Deadgood Events’ two sell­out “A Very British Pantomime” shows held at the Burgdorff in previous years, a new production team led by Chrissy and Ridley McIntyre is taking over and will continue the tradition of British “panto” in town.
The McIntyres have formed a new production company called Suburban Legend Arts to assume the role of the vacating Deadgood Events. “We are very sad to lose our friends Liz and Gareth Jones of Deadgood, but we felt the show must go on,” said Chrissy McIntyre. Kathleen Ash­Milby, the children’s director said, “I can’t imagine Maplewood without a panto now.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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