Ghosts of Ghastly Manor is a hit!

It’s official! Our preview night of Ghosts of Ghastly Manor played to a sold out audience in Maplewood, NJ on Saturday night and tickets for our official run are going fast, so don’t delay, click the link on the right and get your tickets today!
Suburban Legend launches its 4th season with an original show called The Ghosts of Ghastly Manor at the Burgdorff Center on January 6th at 7:00pm. This play, which is in the British Pantomime style was written by Chrissy and Ridley McIntyre and directed by Ridley McIntyre. The show is produced by Kathleen and Edward Ash-Milby and Chrissy McIntyre.
The show is set in the English village of Piddleswick, 1929. Ghastly Manor is falling into ruin and the only thing that could save it is for its young heir, Cuthbert Ghastly, to marry his wealthy cousin Marcy. But she doesn’t want to marry him, and he doesn’t want to stay anyway. When the arrival of a new valet coincides with the appearance of five mischievous ghosts, everything changes for the Lords, Ladies and their servants of this stately home. Not to mention the Vicar’s trousers!
This annual production has become a holiday staple in Maplewood, NJ. Show producer Edward Ash-Milby said, “I look forward to it every year. We all love the silly humor and all the fun that’s part of staging a play.”
This family friendly play features all the classic British Panto tropes that our regulars know and love. The Dame is always played by a man in drag, the Principal Boy is always played by a woman, the audience calls back and forth with the actors (It’s behind you!), and there’s singing and dancing. It also has original music with lyrics by Ridley McIntyre and a score by cast member Brian Lebovitz. Lebovitz said, “This has been a wonderful opportunity to meet people of all ages and be part of bringing such fun and laughs to the SOMA community.”
Cast member David Wren-Hardin confirms that sentiment. “It’s all about community,” he said. “A bunch of us coming together to have fun, put on a show for our neighbors and give back to the broader community. And fart jokes. It’s all about the fart jokes. Actually, forget the community thing, I’m just in it for the fart jokes.”
Once again, proceeds from the show will go directly to local charities. Suburban Legend is happy to donate profits collected to support St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ and Bridges Outreach which has a few locations in our area. 
“I love the whole process of putting on this production,” says writer and producer Chrissy McIntyre. “From writing to the casting dinner to all the rehearsals and finally the show, it’s amazing to see everyone work together and have fun. This experience is a pure joy.” Cast member Katy Chapman agrees. “I adore the comradery between cast members, both onstage and off. I come back every year to do the panto because the cast and crew are my family and I love them all.”
Tickets are on sale at There are only 7 performances so come and see all the hijinks and hilarity that this holiday tradition will bring to your life.
Burgdorff Center, 10 Durand Road, Maplewood NJ 07040, January 6, 12-14 and 19-21 2018.
Image copyright (c) 2018 by Joy Yagid.

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