Jetpack Jones and the Prison Planet of Peril official poster is here!

Pretty soon you’ll be seeing these all around town, it’s the official poster for our next brand new British Pantomime Jetpack Jones and the Prison Planet of Peril – a wacky space comedy with laughs that are out of this world!
Sometime in the distant future, somewhere in outer space…
For years evil Emperor Zoltan has been sending his citizens to the Prison Planet of Peril to mine for precious Diluka Ore for his secret project. Leader of the prisoners, Rajeena and her daughter Hera, dream of escape, but have resigned themselves to a life of boredom in their mining tool workshop. Hera’s ex-boyfriend, Doctor Wayne, is boring, and Rajeena’s brother, Dameon, has been acting like a robot ever since his last interrogation at Zoltan’s palace.
Enter notorious smugglers Jetpack Jones and his Vegan co-pilot Mitch Meridian, who are headed to planet Burgdorffia to compete in Dancing Literally With The Stars (with a prize of half a million StarBucks) when their FART drive breaks down. Soon they are captured by the evil Emperor Zoltan and sent to Planet Peril, and the humdrum lives of the prisoners is about to be turned upside down!
What is Zoltan’s secret plan for the Diluka Ore? Will Jetpack ever learn to jump? Who is more trustworthy – Dameon or Zoltan’s alluring daughter, Velyana? Will they escape in time to make the dance competition? What will become of 3 stowaways now stuck in Zoltan’s palace? All these questions and more will be answered in…

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