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While Suburban Legend itself has only been around since 2014, its founders worked with Deadgood Events to reinvent the modern Pantomime in suburban New Jersey in 2012.

Jan 2013: ARRR!

The first production by Deadgood Events: “Arrr!” – very loosely based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island – debuted in January 2013 and was an instant success, playing to sell-out audiences over two weekends and establishing a tradition of British Pantomime at the Burgdorff Arts Center in Maplewood, NJ. Read More

Dec 2013: Wotcha! Gotcha!

This was followed in December 2013 by Deadgood Events’ “Wotcha! Gotcha!” a show which blended Victorian characters from works as diverse as Alice in Wonderland, Oliver Twist and Sherlock Holmes with a Steampunk twist. Read More

Jan 2015: Robin Hood

In January 2015, Suburban Legend took on the panto torch and wrote and produced their take on a well-known English legend in “Robin Hood”.
The year is 1194. England’s King Richard the Lionheart has been captured on his way back from the crusades and is being held for ransom. His brother, Prince John, is hoping to align with France in order to take England’s throne in Richard’s absence, and has enlisted the ambitious Sheriff of Nottingham to help him raise funds for his cause. Read More

Jan 2016: Last Chance Saloon

January 2016 saw Panto truly cross the pond as we traveled to The Wild West town of Lickety Split, Kansas and dropped in on the regulars at the “Last Chance Saloon.” Read More

Jan 2017: Gadzooks!

We find ourselves in ancient British realm of Albion during the Dark Ages long ago. In two days Albion’s King Arthur is set to wed his betrothed, Princess Guinevere of Gwent, and preparations in the castle of Camelot are well underway. With Gwent and Albion joined together, all of Britain would finally be at peace. Read More

Jan 2018: The Ghosts of Ghastly Manor

Built in 1776, Ghastly Manor has been home to 5 generations of Ghastlys, each with their own peculiar passions. Yet none were as unusual as Lord Nigel Ghastly, who with his trusted batman Sergeant Woodhouse at his side, sailed on many voyages to far off lands in search of antiquities. His greatest – and final – expedition saw him travel to Egypt, where he uncovered the great of pyramid of the lesser-known pharaoh, Pitzahut. Read More

Jan 2019: Jetpack Jones and the Prison Planet of Peril

British Pantomime and pulp sci-fi collide! Rajeena and her daughter Hera are prisoners of the evil Emperor Zoltan on the Planet Peril where children are sent to mine its precious ores. Their lives are turned upside down when space heroes Jetpack Jones and his trusty alien friend Mitch are captured by Zoltan and sentenced to join them on Peril. Immediately Jetpack, Mitch and the prisoner hatch an escape plan, but will it succeed? Will Zoltan’s secret evil scheme be thwarted? Who’s side is Princess Velyana on, anyway? Read More

Jan 2020: En Garde!

When Constance Soreau’s brother, Jacques, is arrested by the scheming Cardinal Richelieu and thrown into the Bastille, she enlists the help of her feisty boyfriend D’Artagnan, his trusty snail sidekick Serge, and the Three Musketeers to help rescue him. The Cardinal wants to use Jacques’ famous magical perfume to disgrace the Queen and ruin all chances of a peace treaty between France and their rival England. Read More

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