Wotcha! Gotcha!


This was followed in December 2013 by “Wotcha! Gotcha!” a show which blended Victorian characters from works as diverse as Alice in Wonderland, Oliver Twist and Sherlock Holmes with a Steampunk twist.
At the heart of the plot is the kidnapping of Alice Liddell by the wicked Mad Hat, an evil inventor from the steampunky universe that lies on the other side of the Looking Glass.
A motley assortment of heroes have to rescue her.
The wild plot, which owes absolutely zero to any sort of historical accuracy or indeed plausibility, involves along the way two professors (Dodgson and Moriarty), the Baker Street Irregulars, Sherlock Holmes’s Irish cousin, and Oliver Twist (and his brother Plot) amongst others.
Bad puns, a “principle boy” and a “Dame” that seem to have swapped genders, raucous audience interaction, and a visit to the Music Hall can all be expected.


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