Welcome to the  Suburban Legend Portal! This is a special “backstage” cast & crew exclusive section of our site where you find out more about the upcoming rehearsal schedule, background stuff about the show and other announcements.

Opening Number Dance Choreography

Cast News

Ahoy Rock the Boat Cast Members, and welcome to our little family!

This site is a work in progress so there’s not much here right now. As the show progresses, we will be adding new features to it all the time, such as latest scripts, and background details for characters, so keep checking back in for updates.


Rock The Boat Script

Rock The Boat Script v2.0 – December 9

Rock The Boat Costume and Make-Up Inspiration Board

Costume & Make-Up Inspiration Board

Rock The Boat Rehearsal Schedule (Nov 7 – Dec 12)

Rehearsal Schedule

Rock The Boat Cast

Roger Antenneal – Hannah Kennedy

Capt. Schtupping – David Wren-Hardin

Sandy Castle – Katy Chapman

Vicki Leeks – Amanda Stima

Larry Velvet – Mike Trzcianowski

Dr. Sultan Pepper – Rob Young

Irish Stu – Jason Kennedy

Eunice Numskull – Jean Kennedy

Capt. Walker DePlank – Dylan Johnson


Ronnie – Ava Pickering

Rick – Bennett Ungaro

Janice – Mackenzie Young

Marley – Cameron Dickson

Doug – Riley Munro

Marina – Amanda Stima


Chichi Gazongas – Jason Benjamin

Marty Fink – Dylan Johnson

Richard “Dickie” Fingers – Joe Giannone

Peggy Sowandso – Liz Munro

Judge Gail Reinhold – Hannah Sorkin

Mare – Sara Courtney

Cher – Chrissy McIntyre





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  2. What up what up, my fellow show people?

  3. Ahoy! Very excited to get going!

  4. See you on the Lido deck!

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