Last Chance Saloon


January 2016 saw Panto truly cross the pond as we traveled to The Wild West town of Lickety Split, Kansas and dropped in on the regulars at the “Last Chance Saloon.”

The year is 1865. The town of Lickety Split, Kansas has fallen on bad times, and has been broke for years – owing all their money to a local gang. At the local watering hole, owner Miss Kitty and her bouncer Josie Wales are trying to put together a show to lure interest from the NJT railroad company. They’re looking to build a station nearby and Miss Kitty wants Lickety Split to be that stop, but first she has to convince her childhood friend and secret beau Sheriff John “Duke” Morrison to join in on the idea.
However, all bets are off when two strangers walk into town, with a secret mission to find gold in the haunted caves. Can Smith and Jones get the gold and keep it, or will the local gang clean them out, too? Find out in our hilarious Wild West Show unlike any other!


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