Suburban Legend Quiz Nights

Suburban Legend now offers Pub Quiz-style Trivia Nights available for you and your friends/family to play over Zoom!

We have a range of over 25 pre-made trivia quizzes designed to be both fun and challenging across a wide range of topics, including:

The 80sDisco Fever
Spring BreakHeroes & Villains
Families IFamilies II
The 90s1984
Cool BritanniaHeavy Metal
New JerseyNew York City
Yacht RockCooking
CandyAnd More!

How Does It Work?

We host the quiz, just like a traditional pub quiz, but via Zoom. You, and a group of your friends or family log into our Zoom room using a code and password we send you, then each Zoom screen/user becomes a team. There is no limit to how many you can have on one team.

Each quiz is 5 rounds. In each round we will ask (and present to) the team a series of up to 10 questions, then 25 seconds to answer each one. Your team will be muted, so you can confer then you write the answer down and we move on to the next question. To make it fair to everyone, we never go back to repeat a question someone missed, so teams must pay attention.

Once all the questions have been asked, we will give you the answers, then each team counts up how how many points they have and send them, including the Team Name, to our SCOREMASTER using the Zoom chat room. Our SCOREMASTER enters all the scores into our special score computer and then we will continue to the next round. That’s right, we use the honor system. But your friends wouldn’t cheat to win, would they? They would only be cheating themselves!

During our quiz breaks between rounds, we present the leaderboard to the group, play some party music (which can be chosen by you) and we can also present a slide show of photographs or special messages to your guests. We also include some funny sponsors, which is sort of our thing, but if you have any ideas for funny (fake) sponsors we can work with you.

How Much Does It Cost?

$20 per zoom screen, for groups up to 15 screens for a pre-made quiz (which can be customized with a few special questions, a private playlist and an photo slideshow) entirely run by us.

A base of $200, plus $20 per screen, for groups up to 15 screens for a completely custom quiz entirely run by us! You can determine the theme of either of the whole quiz or individual rounds, and we can tailor specific questions to cater for your guests’ tastes or skill levels.

For groups of of 16 teams and over, contact us for a special large group discount.

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