Jetpack Jones

Rajeena and her daughter Hera are prisoners of the evil Emperor Zoltan on the Planet Peril where children are sent to mine its precious ores. Their lives are turned upside down when space heroes Jetpack Jones and his trusty alien friend Mitch are captured by Zoltan and sentenced to join them on Peril. Immediately Jetpack, Mitch and the prisoner hatch an escape plan, but will it succeed? Will Zoltan’s secret evil scheme be thwarted? Who’s side is Princess Velyana on, anyway?
All will be revealed in a brand new hilarious family adventure that’s out of this world!

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Burgdorffia – A planet in the Thespian system. Known for its thieves, hustlers and reality TV shows.
Diluka – A rare mineral used for making nanosteel.
Earth – 3rd planet in the Sol system. Mostly harmless.
Fermion Atomic Reaction Turbine (FART) Drive – A faster-than-light hyperspace engine that uses accelerated fermion particles. It is an outdated technology (superseded by BEANO Engines) and prone to breakdowns.
Nanosteel – The strongest and lightest metal in the galaxy.
Peril – Small planet in the Soma/Mapso system, rich in minerals such as Diluka ore. Home of Emperor Zoltan’s Detention Facility 31.
Sopack – The largest and most populated planet in the Soma/Mapso system.
Space Force – The intergalactic police, headquartered on Planet Terra (also known as Earth.)
Space nuts – Are surprisingly quite delicious.
StarBucks – The galactic unit of currency.
Tang – Concentrated fruit drink, popular with space pilots.
Vegan Hauling Services – Interstellar transportation company owned by Mitch Meridian.
Vega-2 – The only inhabited planet in the Vega system, populated by intelligent furry aliens known as Vegans.


Character names: While many of the character names are references from other productions (Zoltan came from the character Zoltar from Battle of the Planets; Flash Drive is a reference to Flash Gordon) most of the character names reflect what their relationships were in the initial story treatment. Originally, Rajeena had been married to Zoltan, and Hera and Velyana were sisters. Thus we had Rajeena (Regina, or Queen), Hera (feminine Hero) and Velyana (or Villain). Dameon is a reference to the treacherous anti-Christ in The Omen trilogy, Merkin was chosen simply for its amusement value, and Wayne was picked because it was the “most boring name [they] could think of” with apologies to all Waynes.

The guards, Able, Baker, Krosh and Ivasha are all named after astromonkeys who successfully completed their missions and returned to Earth. Able and Baker were the first to do so, and Krosh and Ivasha were the last. Cole, Data and Dee are all types of miner (Dee is actually named after D Minor “the saddest of all chords” according to This Is Spinal Tap). Leigh, Octavia and Kameron are named after acclaimed female sci-fi authors who have all written space opera: Leigh Brackett, Octavia Butler and Kameron Hurley.

The phrase “By your commmand” used by the Imperial Guard is a reference to the original 1970s series Battlestar Galactica, where the phrase was used by the Cylons.

Even though Mitch Meridian likes to wear boots, his feet – like those of all Vegans – are actually prehensile and can be used to grip and manipulate objects just as well as his hands.

Although it’s never mentioned in the show, the person sending care packages and Morrissey records in the Uber pods is actually Velyana, who secretly takes pity on the denizens of Planet Peril.

Uber pods (sometimes known as Uber drones, are named that because, like an Uber car, they only take you one way.

This short exchange between Zoltan and Merkin – MERKIN: Behold, my vision. ZOLTAN: MY VISION! MERKIN: The vision. – is a reference to a similar conversation between Piter DeVries and Baron Harkonnen in Dune, where Piter outlines “his plan,” the Baron yells “MY PLAN!” and Piter concedes with “the plan.”

Merkin’s speech, where he waxes poetic about people coming to visit the new rollercoaster, is a reference to Terence Mann’s (James Earl Jones) speech about a baseball field in Field of Dreams.

The initial story concept of Jetpack Jones was “Dirty Dancing in Space”. There are a few references left to Dirty Dancing, including a part where Doctor Wayne sings a few bars from “She’s Like The Wind”, but the biggest is in the final dance competition, and Jetpack’s inability to perform “the jump.” This is a direct reference to the jump, or lift, at the end of Dirty Dancing.

One of the inspirations for the three stowaways and their constant bickering and making up were the three characters of Nick, Schmidt and Winston from the sitcom New Girl.

The cloaking device used by Velyana, which she calls “nanoflage”, is a futuristic version of the contemporary concept of Active Camouflage – currently being researched by various military forces – which takes a background image from behind the wearer and projects it onto the front so the wearer becomes “invisible.” Nanoflage operates in real time from any angle, so that the wearer cannot be seen by anyone while activated.

This is the second Suburban Legend panto in which someone is being lured away with the promise of Turkish Delight (previously it was Oona, Queen of the Fairies in Gadzooks!). Both of these are references to the White Witch offering Turkish Delight to Edmund Pevensie in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

The idea of having an 80s style montage was in the very first pitch for the show, before there was even a title or a plot.

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