Rock The Boat! A Very Nauty-cal Pantomime Tickets Now On Sale

1979: Its Roger’s first voyage as acting purser on the flagship cruise liner The Chicken of the Seas, and already he’s having a bad day

World famous lounge singer Chichi Gazongas has entrusted him with her magic necklace which keeps her voice on key, while 2 bickering jewel thieves, Irish Stu & Eunice Numskull, have been hired to steal it. Roger must join forces with 4 crime-fighting teens and their dog in hot pursuit of the thieves to catch them in the act. Add some passenger romance, a crew looking for an undercover inspector, a mermaid and a ghostly pirate, and you’re on course for a hilarious family musical comedy in the British Pantomime tradition ‘critics’ call The Love Boat meets Scooby Doo!

In January 2022, Suburban Legend presents Rock The Boat! A Very Nauty-cal Pantomime: a family comedy in the British Pantomime tradition written, directed, produced by and starring talented local residents, with profits benefiting local charities. Get ready to boo the villains, cheer for the heroes, shout Its behind you! and join in the fun! Sing along to some catchy silly songs and be ready to laugh at some of the best worst jokes ever told in Maplewood.

Rock The Boat! is the ninth British Pantomime performed annually at the The Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts. “I can’t imagine Maplewood without a panto now,” former Suburban Legend producer Kathleen Ash-Milby told us.

Formed by Ridley and Chrissy McIntyre in 2014, Suburban Legend welcomes everyone. The company includes a mix of amateur and semi-professional performers who want to work as a collaborative team to create good fun for everyone, young and old, cast and crew and audience.

“Every year we come across people who have never heard of British Pantomime, or who upon hearing the term, immediately think of French men fighting their way out of imaginary boxes,” says writer and director, Ridley McIntyre. Panto, as it is affectionately known, is actually a boisterous, family-friendly show filled with slapstick, witty dialogue and a few wink-wink jokes for the adults. “It’s the kind of show where you can bring your kids and you don’t have to shush them,” says writer and producer Chrissy McIntyre. “In fact it’s the opposite. Be loud! We want you to be loud!”

Performances for Rock The Boat! are at the Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts in Maplewood on January 7-9, and 14-16 2022. Door Admissions are Adult $20, Child $15.

Attendees 12 and over must be vaccinated and masked. Children under 12 must be masked.

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