Matters Magazine Features Jetpack Jones

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” floaterposition=”right” floaterdirection=”right” revealfx=”inplace” overlay_revealfx=”off”]Jetpack Jones and the Prison Planet of Peril has been featured this year in Matters Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide. Check out Matters Magazine for more cool local (to Northern NJ) gift ideas, and don’t forget to get your tickets today!



Kent Place School’s Upper School Theater Department is pleased to present the play, Gadzooks! on November 17 and 18 at 8:00 p.m. in the school’s Hyde and Watson Theatre, 42 Norwood Avenue, Summit, NJ.
This is the first time a high school has staged this production.
Admission is free and open to the public of all ages.
Gadzooks! is a British pantomime written by Maplewood-based playwrights Chrissy and Ridley McIntyre of Suburban Legend, LLC.
When King Arthur’s arranged marriage to Guinevere goes awry because of the cunning designs of Morganna and her son Mordred, an array of crazy antics (involving Batman, pesky fairies, a lip-sync battle and a joust) ensue to restore order.
“I’m thrilled that the art of British pantomime is gaining ground in the Upper School at Kent Place,” stated playwright Chrissy McIntyre. “Ridley and I have had such fun writing these and we couldn’t be happier that Kent Place decided to produce our play.”
“I chose this play for the Kent Place Upper School students to perform because it exposes them to an international theater tradition,” added Dr. Brent Whitted, Kent Place Theater Department Chair and director of the production. “Learning about British pantomime is useful for students because of the opportunities and challenges presented by audience interaction, participation, breaking the fourth wall, larger than life characters and comedic timing. The play is also a lot of fun!”
More details via the link below.


We are super excited that Kent Place School has decided to run one of our shows and we can’t wait to see their production. If you are in the area this weekend, please head on up there and be loud!

Suburban Legend March Madness is here!

Howdy everybody!
Huzzah! Our 2017 show GADZOOKS! A Very Arthurian Pantomime was a huge success! We were able to donate $4,400 to Bridges Outreach and St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center and it’s all because of you! The hard work of our volunteer cast and crew and our marvelous audience combined to make kick off a very special 2017. We at Suburban Legend would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you all for donating your time and coming to seeing our show. Next year we are hoping to make things even bigger, even better and even more fun and this is where you can help.
We are partnering with in the month of March to help raise funds for our next show. For a simple donation of $20-35 dollars, you can buy a high-quality shirt featuring our heroic Suburban Legend Bear Jouster design in sunrise yellow against a variety of cool colors. By purchasing this limited-edition one of a kind shirt ONLY AVAILABLE THIS MONTH you will be directly helping to fund next year’s show, and with a larger budget we will be able to donate more of our ticket and concession sales to our charities.
Did I mention this offer is ONLY AVAILABLE THIS MONTH? Because it’s ONLY AVAILABLE THIS MONTH. After March 24th, this fundraiser will be over.
Here’s how it works. isn’t just a tee shirt printing company like Custom Ink or Zazzle. began as a crowdfunding site, but instead of offering a series of increasingly impossible to distribute prizes or  vaporware codes, it offered premium quality tee shirts. We chose Bonfire because they are committed to causes and to community. What Bonfire is not, however, is a print-on-demand company: we need to sell a minimum order of 5 tee shirts in order to get our fundraiser up and running (if we don’t sell 5 shirts, then anyone who did buy a shirt gets their money back and the campaign ends with no one getting a shirt), and our goal is to sell 50 tee shirts to fund our show – and that’s where you come in. The more tee shirts we sell, the more Bonfire will give us per shirt. It’s that’s simple!
Hit this link to go to and take a look at our selection, grab a shirt and help our show. It’s that easy!
When you’re done, share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, or whatever it is these crazy kids are using these days…
Once you’ve completed those steps, as long as we sell more than 5 shirts, we’ll all be Suburban Legends.

Tickets are now on sale for GADZOOKS! A Very Arthurian Pantomime!

Suburban Legend Arts presents:
GADZOOKS! A Very Arthurian Pantomime
Don’t miss this fun, family-friendly, raucous romp through Dark Ages Britain, from Camelot to Fairyland and back again.
We find ourselves in ancient British realm of Albion during the Dark Ages long ago. Albion’s King Arthur is set to wed his betrothed, Princess Guinevere of Gwent, in two days and preparations in the castle of Camelot are well underway. With Gwent and Albion joined together, all of Britain would finally be at peace.
However, Arthur’s half-sister Morganna has other plans. She wants her son to sit on the throne of Albion, and is prepared to use all of her powers as well as the magic of Oona the Queen of the Fairies to get him there. Will she succeed in making Mordred the King? Who is the mysterious Dark Knight? Why should you never trust a fairy? All these questions and more will be answered in GADZOOKS! A Very Arthurian Pantomime.
Tickets on sale now!
January 6-8 and 13-15 2017 at the Burgdorff Theater, Maplewood, NJ.
Get your tickets today, because tomorrow they may be gone. And then you would be sad.

Suburban Legend Arts donates ‘Panto’ performance proceeds to Bridges Outreach and St. Huberts

With special thanks to Bridges Outreach for sending this to

All of the proceeds from Suburban Legend Arts’ winter performance of Last Chance Saloon: A Wild West Pantomime were donated to Bridges Outreach and another local charity, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. The cast and crew raised $2,250 that was donated to Bridges to help with outreach to local homeless people. The Last Chance Saloon was written, directed, produced and performed by local residents.
Chrissy McIntyre, who with her husband Ridley, produces and directs the shows, explained, “Panto has become a Maplewood winter tradition. We are so happy to share the profits from these happy performances with the local charities that contribute so much to our local area. Giving money to help those in our neighborhood helps foster a real sense of community among the cast. Everyone pitches in to help with the production and we all just want to make a great show so we can sell out and give as much as we can.”
Lois Bhatt, Bridges’ Executive Director, said “We are very grateful to Suburban Legend Arts and everyone involved in these performances. Their generosity will make a difference in the lives of our neighbors in Newark, Irvington and New York City who are in need.”

Read the rest of the article here.

We Want You to Be Loud!

Author and blogger C.M. Rubin interviewed us for The Huffington Post. Thanks for coming down!

Robin Hood is a lot of fun, and you can feel good about supporting it too! In the past two years of sold out shows, the McIntyre’s have raised over $9,000 for charity with their productions. This year continues their tradition of using the pantomime to raise money for two local charities: Rent Party and St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. The show is also a family enterprise, from the husband and wife team at the helm, to the many children acting alongside their parents. Whitney Pillsbury, playing the ‘Dame’, describes watching his son develop during the process: “I’ve watched my son go from being too shy to try out for the part to being a very professional young thespian. He has become responsible for his own wardrobe and cues and I could not be more proud of him.” And perhaps the best advertisement comes from Alexandra Krim, a 13-year-old member of the cast, who says: “Pantos are lots more fun because you don’t have to do what’s expected in a normal play.” So if you are in the area, be sure to check out this hilarious very loud version of a fairy tale classic.

Read the entire article here.

British ‘Panto’ Theater Returns to the Burgdorff

Great write-up about our show in the Village Green.

British pantomime theater returns to Maplewood’s Burgdorff Center for the third year this January with “Robin Hood: A Very British Pantomime” directed by Ridley McIntyre.
Following Deadgood Events’ two sell­out “A Very British Pantomime” shows held at the Burgdorff in previous years, a new production team led by Chrissy and Ridley McIntyre is taking over and will continue the tradition of British “panto” in town.
The McIntyres have formed a new production company called Suburban Legend Arts to assume the role of the vacating Deadgood Events. “We are very sad to lose our friends Liz and Gareth Jones of Deadgood, but we felt the show must go on,” said Chrissy McIntyre. Kathleen Ash­Milby, the children’s director said, “I can’t imagine Maplewood without a panto now.”

Read the rest of the article here.